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This six day all inclusive Jarbidge pack tour is over the 10,000 foot divides and approximately 45 miles through the heart of Jarbidge Wilderness. We have two camps set up in the back country where you will spend two nights at each camp. While in Jarbidge wilderness you will experience fly-fishing, horseback riding, great hikes, scenic photography, beautiful views, and much more. All you need to bring is your personal gear and fishing gear.

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All guests will be required to sign a release of liability. Fishing poles must be brought in a hard case not to exceed three feet in length. Each guest is allowed one duffel bag, not including your sleeping bag. You cannot pack a suitcase on a horse. Jarbidge Wilderness Guide and Packing reserves the right to refuse service to anyone. All guests are responsible for payment to the bed & breakfast (Tsawhawbitts Lodge) Sunday evening / Friday evening. $80 double occupancy each night - includes breakfast.
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