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Our Jarbidge Adventures begin on Sunday afternoon at the beautiful Tsawhawbitts Lodge in Jarbidge, Nevada. If you are flying privately or commercially, your destination is Twin Falls, Idaho Airport. Transportation to and from the airport is included in your package. Pick up time is Sunday afternoon, and departure time from Jarbidge is Saturday morning after breakfast. If you plan to arrive early and stay longer, accommodations and transportation to and from the airport will be your responsibility. Rental cars are available at the Twin Falls Airport.

For those who prefer to arrive by private or rental vehicle, Jarbidge is about a three hour drive from Twin Falls, Idaho. Guests traveling by car should plan to arrive no later than 6:00 PM Sunday evening. Orientation and trip logistics will be explained Sunday evening after dinner.

All of our Jarbidge Adventures consist of the use of horses. Being an experienced horse person is not a criteria. Our horses are all well broke, well accustomed to back country travel. We use all western tack and sawbuck packing equipment. Safety is always our first concern when dealing with horses in the back country. We have years of horse experience and will share our wisdom with you the first morning and throughout your adventure. By the end of your trip, horse sense and horseback riding will become very familiar.

Each Jarbidge Adventure is kept at a maximum of six guests, unless you are a private group of more than six. All food, tents, sleeping pads, and equipment required to make your time spent in the back country most comfortable are supplied by Jarbidge Adventures. Sleeping bags and personal gear are all you need to bring. A list of items you will need to bring will be sent with your confirmation.

Fishing tackle and licenses are your responsibility. Fishing licenses can be acquired in Jarbidge Nevada at the Outdoor Inn. Fishing poles must be of the collapsible type and carried in a hard case to protect it from damage.

All guests will be required to sign a release of liability. Fishing poles must be brought in a hard case not to exceed three feet in length. Each guest is allowed one duffel bag, not including your sleeping bag. You cannot pack a suitcase on a horse. Jarbidge Wilderness Guide and Packing reserves the right to refuse service to anyone. All guests are responsible for payment to the bed & breakfast (Tsawhawbitts Lodge) Sunday evening / Friday evening. $80 double occupancy each night - includes breakfast.

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