Personal Items to bring

  Fishing license ( if you intend to fish )
  Picture identification  ( if you plan to purchase a fishing license )
  Well broken in foot ware
  Tennis shoes
  Warm sweaters and jackets for those chilly evenings
  Quality light-weight rain gear
  Hat and gloves
  Extra pair of prescription glasses
  Sunglasses, sun screen, and chap stick
  Personal towel and hygiene items ( please bring biodegradable soaps )
  Light-weight camera, film and extra batteries for camera
  Sleeping bag  ( must be stuffable and good for 40 degrees  )
  Water bottle or two if you drink a lot of water
  Flashlight, extra batteries and bulbs
  Waterproof matches
  Fanny pack or day pack
  Swiss army type knife
  Fishing pole ( must be collapsible and not exceed 3 feet )

            Luggage should be soft duffel type so it can be packed on a horse.  Please, no suitcases.  You can not pack a suit case on a horse. All guests are limited to one duffle bag. The items above are important to have and are usually the one forgotten. Do not limit yourself to this list, bring whatever you need. Also, there will be a place for you to safely stow your personal belongings that you do not intend to take into the wilderness.


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