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Many miles from any urban development, encompassing 116,000 acres adjacent to the Idaho - Nevada border, the Jarbidge Wilderness Mountains rise over 10,500 feet. This is an environment that has nurtured everything from the ancient Shoshone Indian civilization to the turn of the century miners, sheep herders, cowboys and those hearty enough to venture in and test their wills to succeed and survive.

It is one of the few places in the United States that is still considered to have class 1 air quality, meaning pristine air. The Jarbidge Wilderness possesses a spectacular combination of heavily timbered areas, high desert open ranges, 500 foot rock formations and volcanic cut valleys created thousands of years ago. Emerald Lake, sitting at 9200 feet, is a favorite attraction for all who come.

The Jarbidge, which was established as a protected wilderness in 1964 is administered by the Humboldt National Forest Service. Nevada is one of the largest states in the union and possesses more mountain ranges than any other state. The Jarbidge Wilderness is considered one of the least traveled wilderness areas in the lower forty – eight.

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