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The Prunty Family Guides
[ Catilin - Lowell - Monica ]


Over 100 years after settlement the Prunty Home Ranch is still a working horse and cattle ranch and outfitting has become a family tradition. With four generations of outfitting in the same territory, we take pride in the services we provide our guests and the country in which we operate.

With each visit our guests can expect to see this beautiful territory at its best. By practicing “no trace” ethics, the Prunty family has preserved this land to ensure that future generations will witness the same pristine environment witnessed by our forefathers.

Our base of operations is located in Murphy's Hot Springs, Idaho two miles north of the Nevada state line and 13 miles north of Jarbidge. All of our services are conducted in Nevada, which is sometimes confused with our Idaho address. We operate under a Humboldt National Forest Service Special Use Permit, and are licensed through the Nevada Department of Wildlife.


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